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 Support Grandparents

Thanks to our community for a very successful walk to


call our office at 435-319-0407

Photographs and a list of award winners to follow soon.....

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Thanks to our community for making the walk to

support our local grandparents a great success!


The Caring Women Empowerment Project

Female Client

The Caring Women Empowerment Project provides education, training, and opportunity for senior women who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or an illness of dementia and for vulnerable women who are immersed in caring for a spouse or aging parent with an illness of dementia.

These services offer a helpline to women who are especially vulnerable to the stresses and financial strain of care-giving. This project provides services to women that are rarely covered by Medicare, insurance or other local agencies. Private and family caregiver consultations provide access to community resources, coping techniques and training materials.

To participate in this project, contact LuAnn at (435) 319-0407.

Our Mission...

To empower individuals, families and communities with resource connections, education and support to help and strengthen all affected by Alzheimer's and dementia.

Our Vision...

Communities empowered to support individuals and families dealing with Alzheimer's and dementia.

Our Values...

We serve our community, person to person, with compassion, responsiveness, integrity and professionalism.

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